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Emotional Intelligent expert int’-JAMES KWESI ADDISON, featured on afsesnet

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James Kwasi Addison – Ghana

James Kwesi Addison is an experienced International Social Developer, Innovator and a Chief Executive Officer, who holds executive and trustee positions across a range of public, private and not-for-profit entities within Ghana. He founded Ghana’s first dedicated Center for Emotional Intelligence, ‘Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence’ (AICEI) and also Ghana’s first internationally qualified Emotional Intelligence Master Coach facilitated by the ClearPoint Leadership Strategy now the EQ Development Group on behalf of the Multi-Health Systems Incorporated, Canada.

These qualifications make him one of the very few Africans certified to administer EQ-2.0 & EQ 360 on behalf of MHS Inc. Canada. His interventions focuses on providing public, private and third sector organizations with the expertise and resources desirable in building capacity for Emotional Capital.

The ‘Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence’ established by James, conduct research and teach people of all ages how to develop their emotional intelligence. The center further support leaders, coaches, consultants, and organisations to apply knowledge, tools and concepts.

James is the CEO of the ‘Emotional Intelligence TV’ (EI-TV). This is the World’s premier online television dedicated to building emotional capital and championing the fight against emotional abuse across the globe. It is based in the beautiful country called Ghana and situated in the Capital, Accra. It is the African’s ‘Emotional Hub’ where emotional issues of all forms are discussed and people helped to harness their emotions for good.

In 2016, his passion and benevolence sparked a desire to give back to society through education and counselling.This initiative is intended to ensure that emotional resilience capability will be deeply embedded into every school through the whole-child approach. He is also the initiator of the Emotional Intelligence Africa Summit, a free annual event that is designed to encourage powerful community learning with the key objective of promoting the essence of “building Emotional Capital in Africa” which follows an established European layout.

The Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence now runs certificate course in emotional intelligence, with the Presbyterian University College, Ghana, the first of its kind in Africa, as well as a 3-week online master course in Emotional Intelligence in collaboration with the EQ Development Group of Canada.

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