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michael faakye – Mentor & Life coach expert, featured on Afsesnet

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Michael Faakye Profile

Michael Faakye is a Teacher, Mentor and a Life Coach. His passion is to guide organizations and individuals to attain their desired future. Michael is a multidiscipline individual with varied skills raging from Leadership, Management, Creative and Education.

His training is in Managerial Psychology, Decision Science, Organizational Development, Education and Media Arts

As part of his practice as an Organizational Development/ Management Consultant, he helps organizations identify possible issues and implement solutions in areas such as governance system, strategy, regulation, reward systems, performance management system, recruitment policies, change management, team dynamics, and fair employment.

His continuous experience in consulting for higher education institutions, media establishments, churches and other corporate institutions in Ghana has further sharpened his research skill and methods of intervening for unique situations. He has shared and gained much knowledge and insights into leadership that works and those that fail.

His interest is to have an impact on wider society and to commercialize folk media form.

He is also the authour of the Mightier Sword Series. The Mightier Sword Series is an inspirational enterprise which uses all avenues of media presence and public speaking to address all kinds of issue that confronts the human development. It deals with issues ranging from Self-determination, Freedom, Mind dynamics, Transcendentalism and Spiritual efficacy.

He has taught in various levels of education, developed curriculum and practices as a higher education administrator. He has mentored a lot of young people to transform their latent abilities to visible energies.

Michael believes the treasure we all seek is within us.

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