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whitney mwangi – global communications specialist, Featured on Afsesnet

Ms. Whitney Mwangi is a Global Communications Specialist with eight years of experience. She has in-depth knowledge of African Union, European Union, United Nations, World Bank Group, Government, Global Fund, and media with strong expertise in creating and enhancing partnerships, capacity building and knowledge management solutions. She is also a passionate advocate of youth empowerment.

She is currently the Health Advocacy, Communications and Partnerships Specialist at the African Union Commission – the Secretariat of the African Union (AU) – which is a Heads of State level statutory body for addressing issues impeding growth and development of Africa. On this role, she leads strategic interventions and advocacy related to ending AIDS, tuberculosis and eliminating malaria, and other infectious diseases in Africa.

Prior to this, she has worked in the directorates of Communications of over ten non-governmental organisations, both regional and international. In addition to that, she has been awarded fellowships by the: World Federation of Science Journalists (WSFJ) for a Science Journalism Program implemented by the Media for Environment, Science and Health Advocacy (MESHA) Kenya; and European Journalism Centre for a Data Journalism Program implemented by Internews Kenya. etc

She is also the Founder of the Story Book – a storytelling platform to educate, entertain, mentor and influence the youth to make informed decisions on their overall mental, physical, professional, social and academic well-being.

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