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the encourager of encouragers, Veronica Owusu ( a.k.a VPower Coach) featured on afsesnet

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Veronica Owusu ( a.k.a VPower Coach)

Founder of The Women on Fire Warrior Academy / /
Personal Growth Coach / Business Mentor / Educator / Course Creator /

Veronica is a vibrant, fun spirit full of energy and light. She is a
“light-worker” and the encourager of encouragers. She was born and
raised in the heart of Africa, Ghana to a Polish mum and Ghanaian

Keeping her roots tight, Veronica turns passionate service-based
business owners into fearless warriors who want to make a difference in
the world, take their tribe from pain to gain and serve them powerfully
with focus, clarity, and unshakeable confidence.

As a former Teacher and now Coach, Veronica uses her 18-year cocktail
mix of skills, talents, gifts and expertise to help these passionate
service based business owners design and create their signature online
impact course/programs within 90 days, building their credibility and
authority in their field.

She created The Online Impact Program Creation and Alignment Course for
exactly this purpose.

Veronica has worked with successful business owners, entrepreneurs and 
creators such as Michael Morgan, Animation Coach who has worked on films such as Star War The Clone Wars, the Animated TV series to animating
Groot and Rocket the Raccoon, Black Panther, Venom, to Leading Animation
on Disney’s Artemis Fowl.

Veronica is also a mum of 2 who loves to dance, have fun and rock her
Natural Afro Crown.
Her motto is : What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.-
Napoleon Hill Her mission is to use her passion,creativity and voice to inspire, empower, equip and impact millions of light-workers to collectively use their power to make the world.

If you are ready to unleash you fearless warrior, know your tribe like
the palm of your hand, find the strength in your voice, position
yourself as the specialist in your field and serve more powerfully than
ever before, get in touch with Veronica.

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