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Meet Dr. Bernie Nanah Yaw- Boadi with Many years Of experience In Leadership, featured on Afsesnet

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Dr. Bernie Nanah Yaw Boadi

20 years Corporate Leadership experience in: 
Acquisition, Franchise, Multi-unit, Complex financial modeling/analysis, Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, Project and Program Management, Forecasting with proven experience with application of database management and spreadsheet,Budgeting, Strategic and change management and deep knowledge on forecasting techniques with overall business operations and strategy expertise.

Currently he is a District General Manager in one of the largest Tax Preparation companies in the world, where he leads a team of 24 branch managers and over 200 tax professionals including Certified Public Accountants, Juris Doctors, and Enrolled Agents who prepare individual, corporate, estate and partnership taxes for over 36,000 clients.

He has worked with reputable organizations in many fields in many industries across the globe, including Supply Chain, Finance, Project Management, Retail, and Assets Protection. 

He hold doctorates in Business Intelligence and Finance, an MBA (USA), a Master of Science in Risk Management (UK) and a Bachelor in Accounting and Finance (UK). Recently graduated Walden University with a distinction (4.0. GPA) In Finance doctorate  in 2019 and was inducted into four honor societies notably Delta Mu Delta, National Society for Leadership and Success, Golden Key International Society. I also received a Diploma from the Henry Bloch School of Management at the University of Missouri Kansas-City in Leadership and Management. 

Dr. Bernie have been delivering presentations on leadership which was the topic for my theses, employee empowerment, strategic and change management, career counseling and other social issues.  I am a motivational speaker, a public speaker, a career coach, lover of music, sports, and loves giving back to the community. I am a Methodist who holds many positions here in North America and Canada Diocese. My aim in life is underpinned by what Maya Angelou stated “people will forget what you did for them, but, they will never forget how you made them felt.” This is why I like to be out there talking to people.

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