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Meet Phillippa Prempeh A Business Development Coach, Featured on Afsesnet

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Phillippa Prempeh

Phillippa Prempeh is a highly effective Business Development Coach, Founder of She Community Ghana, a professional Development Communicator(National), a paid Speaker and an advocate for SDG’s 1,5 & 8.
With over 5 years experience in entrepreneurial development and business promotions, Phillippa has engaged over 3000 entrepreneurs in training programs, trade exhibitions, business services among others. She is the initiator of Afrika-Konnect Festival, The Africa Business Women-Lead Summit, The Innovator, Clean Up Ghana Campaign and a lot more.

Phillippa was nominated as a 40Under-40 entrepreneur in 2019 under the Social Enterprise category. She is passionate about mental development, capacity building, business development and the enhancement of the human creative ability. Phillippa is one who is absolutely committed to helping as many people as possible realize their God-given purposes

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