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From Nigeria, Meet Tricia Famoriyo She Help People Identify What They Can Do, Leverage Opportunities Around Them

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Tricia Famoriyo

Tricia Famoriyo is passionate about financial empowerment.  My “X” factor is the ability to enhance, improve and speed up people’s progress and successes. She help people identify what they can do, leverage opportunities around them, help them to accelerate their progress and become financially empowered.

She’s the community leads of “She Thrives Africa” a platform were women are spurred to productivity and are taught skills they could leverage on for financial empowerment and has helped over 3000 people learn profitable skills to start and profit from their businesses.

You can live the life of your dreams if you stop being afraid to start. Ditch those excuses and become everything God created you to become.

Tricia is a certified Business coach by the Life Skill Academy USA, I am a Certified International Business Consultant by the International Business Management Institute Berlin, an Alumni of the Lagos Business School, amongst several other certifications.

Tricia is the founder of Soteria Specialties Limited. A company that specializes in International Procurement for individual and organizations, Manufacture, Sourcing and Branding of Promotional gift items, and hotel amenities. Her company has excelled in providing these services to indigenous and multinational organizations. She’s also the founder of Soteria Clothings Limited. Africa’s number one Clothing brand for premium quality made to measure men’s Suits.

Tricia is the host of a fashion TV show on MyTv Africa known as “Suits and Styles” which began broadcasting in 2018

She is the co-founder and member, board of directors of Famorpat Nigeria Limited. A leading and fast growing pharmaceutical retail chain and pharmaceutical consult, with several branches across Lagos State.

Tricia Famoriyo is an Author, an entrepreneur and a Speaker.

(African Seasoned Speakers Network: We Stand For Credibility, Responsibility, Impact, Legacy & Total Transformation of Africa’s Human Capital Development)

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