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From Tanzania We Have Loth Makuza current President of the Public Relations Society of Tanzania, Featuring On Afsesnet Magazine

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Loth Makuza

Loth Makuza is a globally-recognized, award-winning and leading Communication and PR Strategist. Loth is the founding and current President of the Public Relations Society of Tanzania.

With high profile experience working in communication, public relations and marketing, Loth has helped public, private and voluntary organizations and business develop and manage their corporate communications, marketing and reputation strategies, achieving key business objectives, and through periods of rapid change.

Loth has experience of working as the lead PR and communicator, managing all aspects of PR from internal communications to campaigns as well as stakeholder engagement and public affairs. Loth is also a lead on crisis communications, building and maintaining reputation and ethics.

Loth brings unique and tailor-made solutions by integrating teamwork, creativity, efficiency and the use of data to ensure communication, PR and marketing strategies activated are effective and deliver organisational and business goals but that can easily adapt to new circumstances.

Prior and alongside his Executive position at PRST, Loth has held PR and Marketing positions in various organisations. Loth worked in Corporate Communications at Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), a Government Institution for wildlife conservation, in 2013. Loth also served as a Marketing Representative at East West Seeds Company, an International Agricultural Company from 2016 to 2017.

Loth was honoured with the African Leadership Business Leadership Excellence Award 2018, with other leading African Executives, by the African Leadership Magazine. Loth was given the prestigious award for his outstanding leadership in supporting business and organizations with leading and ethical PR, communication and marketing and for also consistently championing ethical business practices.

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