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From Ghana Meet The Ghanaian Prince Base In U.S.A HRH Prince Duke Kesse-Adu Gyamfi Danquah IV, A Capitalist, Investor, Business Coach, Public Speaker – Featuring On Afsesnet Magazine

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HRH Prince Duke Kesse-Adu Gyamfi Danquah IV.

Meet the Ghanaian Prince scaling up entrepreneurship, business development, startups founding, financial entrepreneurship, forex and bitcoin trading, financial markets investments, financial education, financial management training, entrepreneurs coaching and mentoring ecosystems in Africa, HRH Prince Duke Kesse-Adu Gyamfi Danquah IV.

He invests time and resources to empower African youth and women with financial literacy, financial independence, wealth creation, job creation and reduce unemployment, all in an effort to implement his vision of eradicating poverty in Ghana and across Africa in line with UN SDG’s 1, 4, 8. 
He Attended Virginia State University and Thomas Cooley Law School, where he Studied Corporate Law.

A Transformational Financial Entrepreneur and Public Speaker, Mentor, Coach, Journalist, Investor, Corporate Trainer, Venture Capitalist, Business Development, Political and Government Relations Consultant, and a Veteran of the United States Navy.

He’s the Chairman of Global Investment Management Group LLC, President of Future Africa Media, CEO of Ghana Job Bank, Future Africa Institute, Future Africa Group and Royal Group of Companies. 
Founder of, Future Africa Institute, Future Africa Entrepreneurs Mentorship, Future Africa Forex Academy, Future Africa Leaders Forum, Future Africa Women Empowerment Forum, Future Africa Zongo Entrepreneurship Forum, Ghana Eradication of Poverty Project and Ghana-Diaspora Business & Investment Network.

He’s an advocate for Entrepreneurship, Financial Investments, Startups, Financial Education, Business Development, Youth Employment, Women Empowerment and Eradication of Poverty. 

He has spent the last fifteen years, empowering, mentoring, coaching and training Entrepreneurs, Startups Founders and Business Developers in Africa. He trains and coaches Corporate and Business Leaders.

He mentors African Youth and Entrepreneurs to create Financial Independence through Business Development to Reduce High Unemployment. He promotes Forex Trading, Financial Investments and Financial Education to help Create Wealth and Eradicate Poverty in Ghana and across Africa.

He believes in a vision of an Africa without high youth unemployment, extreme poverty.

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