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From Ghana Meet Ibrahim Mustapha A Renowned Public Speaking Trainer and Coach

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Ibrahim Mustapha

Ibrahim Mustapha is a World Renowned Motivational Speaker, Author, Public Speaking coach and a Business Development Consultant. As one of the most sought-after Keynote Speaker and leading authority on Public Speaking training and coaching.

He inspires people to think and change the world around them. He speaks and conducts training on Public Speaking, Team building, and Entrepreneurship Development.

Ibrahim has participated and facilitated in local and international conferences, and has been featured on top radio/TV programs, including DW, CNBC Africa, SABC. In 2017 he was awarded as the 10th Most Influential young person in Ghana.

He has consulted and facilitated training sessions for many organizations, including The World Economic Forum(Switzerland), Beijing Axis(China), Olive School of Journalism(Ghana), Create Change (Ghana), NTV Ghana, Fidelity Bank (Tamale Branch), MultiCredit (Tamale Branch) Agape Moringa Processing, Markaz Al-Bishara GCCFHP in Tamale, Tamale Technical University, Enactus Ghana, University for Development Studies and many others on Leadership, Career development, sales, Public Speaking, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Development.

Mustapha is the Author of “The Confident Speaker: Tools to overcome your fear of Public Speaking.”.

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