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Official Bene is a Ghanaian-UK based female advocate for World Development fEATURING oN aFSESNET wEEKLY Magazine cOVER

Afsesnet Weekly Magazine Cover
Official Bene

Her actual name by birth is Benedicta Brefo. Official Bene is popularly known by the public from my secondary school level and she thought of using it for her identity in the world so people can easily identify her. Benedicta was born on the land of Africa specifically Kumasi in Ghana and from Brong Ahafo Region but schooled mostly in Kumasi Ashanti region of Ghana.

She had her primary education at Nagie’s Angels Educational Centre which is off Santasi-Kumasi road, then furthered to have the secondary school education at Kumasi Girl’s Senior High School which is off Abrepo-Junction, Kumasi. She proceeded to have her 4 year degree course in Political Studies at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi-Ghana, where she began her field of world advocacy at this time through counseling and educating people about development needed in the world and changing the negativity image of Ghana and Africa as whole on the International levels.

Official Bene was trained as TV Assistant Producer at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation(GBC GOVERN) during her national service time. At that place, she was trained to plan for political programs, how to interview great people in public, directing programs and planning for programs.

She later went to pursue her Masters course in International Law(LLM International Law) at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge- UK. In addition to her studies, she has had International Organizations Management from the University of Geneva, International Human Rights Law from University of Louvain, Diploma in Leadership and Management from Shaw Academy- UK and Ultimate Travel Journalism from British College of Journalism.

Afsesnet Weeklt Magazine Cover

In all these paths, her mission for world development was broadening up and after her Masters course, started her long awaited mission for the world through having the projects of Pochangemotion, WCS (Women Caucus for Stewardship) and WOCON (World Concerns). In addition to these projects, she is a motivational speaker and article writer. her blog page is

Pochangemotion is focused on the development state of the present youth. In regards to this, it aims to correct the mistakes our predecessors and we the present generation have done that have brought burdens to us for progress. Areas for this correction include: marriage, courtship, life, religion, and all social related issues.

WCS is also registered NGO that aims to educate and empower women globally on legal, political, educational and financial/business fields of life. The target people for this NGO is women because women have been deprived of freedoms and education some decades that have generated into a great hole of economic breakdown to the world. I believe that if women are adequately nurtured on these 4 areas of WCS, the state of the world will change from worse to better but before this can happen, massive task and support are required from us.

WOCON(World Concerns) is another project am embarking on and the aim is to protect and prevent the entire world against present and future pandemic crisis. Areas for focus include: land, environment, animals, water and all related environmental objects.

The reason is since there is a relationship between mankind and the environment, there is high possibility of getting effects among ourselves and the best solution for this is we as human beings finding means to protect ourselves against this in our bond with the environment.

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