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From Nigeria Meet Ogochukwu Nweke A Lawyer, Public Speaker, Mediator And ADR Advocate- Featuring On Afsesnet Magazine

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Ogochukwu Chidiebere Nweke is an African from Nigeria. He is a lawyer, a social media consultant, a relationship consultant, a public speaker, a professional mediator and an ADR advocate. He is currently the Vice President of Synergies Institute–Ghana one of the Private Universities in Ghana. His knowledge about the youth in Africa is current and comprehensive, as he has been lecturing and speaking in various universities and communities, in various countries, and in various capacities since 2001.

His contributions to the use of social media in teaching and learning (on and off campus) won an award for the African University College of Communications (AUCC), in New York, USA, through a programme facilitated by AUCC and Simmons College, Boston, USA. He is also an associate director with the International Institute for ICT Journalism.

Ogochukwu has received trainings in various areas of social relations and has certificates in:
• Philosophy, from the University of Edinburgh
• Entrepreneurship, from the University of Maryland
• Creative Problem Solving, from the University of Minnesota
• Religious Literacy, from Harvard University
• Contract Law, from Harvard University
• Environmental Law, from the University of North Carolina

He also serves as a part-time law lecturer at Regent University College of Science and Technology and Kings University College, both in Accra-Ghana.

He has presented radio and Tv shows related to lifestyle and current affairs, and is regular panelist on various Tv and radio programmes across West Africa.

He served as the Director of Corporate Affairs at the African University College of Communications for a little over year, after serving as Director of Students Affairs in the same school for four (4) years.

He is the president and founder, of The African Way, a youth focused organisation whose aim is to rebuild the leadership of Africa. He is also the initiator and host of the “Marriage Clinic”, one of the most reputable relationship programmes in Ghana, West Africa.

He has served as resource person in many trainings for both Public and Private sectors, addressing issues related to leadership, “interpersonal, intrapersonal and extra-personal relationships” and basic workplace realities with a major focus on how they affect productivity and profitability in a business.

He is also very passionate about helping small and growing businesses find their relevance, by carving a niche for themselves through creative Problem Solving and creative Problem Prevention, as this is the surest way to find relevance and profitability.
He believes that there is an African Perspective to everything under the sun; He believes that an idea is not worth pursuing if it is not solution-oriented.
He is original in his delivery (both in style and in content) and he focuses on client’s needs in the development of thematic areas which make up his training. He is an inspirational speaker, who is able to motivate the weak to become strong, and aspire for greatness with faith in a wonderful future.

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