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From Ghana Meet Stephen Essien Also Known As Chairmann Essien an Int’l Public Speaker and Business Strategist Featuring on Afsesnet Magazine

Chairmann Essien

Stephen Essien In the last 24 years has witnessed and helped build different Business Strategies, innovative projects that have had impact on business profitability in different industries. Throughout his career, he harnessed his passion for improving the quality of lives and increasing Shareholder values to motivate entire companies with fresh visions for the intrinsic value of products and services in FMCG, telecommunications, renewable energy, and other industries.

He is passionate about changing lives and shareholder profitability and that impacts every aspect of business with the most noticeable influence on customers and employees. In order to really change lives, he strongly believes in developing realistic KPIs, OKRs, and metrics to track success. Additionally, he has over 10 years of experience advising business leaders, board members, and shareholders on how to transform overall business strategy and multi-year plans.

As a validation of his career perspective, Stephen has mounted many international platforms and spoken at several conferences about Commercial Transformation, Customer Experience, Customer acquisition, Customer retention, and Corporate management best practices.

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