From Ghana Meet HRH Queen Ameenata Asaleh Queen in Embo Kingdom/Fulbe Queen in Ashanti Region of Ghana/Ambassador/Women’s & Human Rights Advocate – Featuring on Afsesnet Magazine

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HRH Queen Ameenata Koita

HRH Queen Ameenata Koita Fulbe Queen of Ashanti Region of Ghana/Ambassador-Federation of International Gender & Human Rights/Global Tycoon-ista/Pan African/Woman’s Rights Advocate/Human Rights Consultant.

Born and raised in Arizona, USA, HRH Queen Ameenata Koita is the Magajiya Chigaba of Fulbe in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. She is in charge of bringing economic development to the region. She is the AU Ambassodor for the Federation of International Gender and Human Rights, podcast hostess, advisory board member for several international organizations, Commissioner with the City of Phoenix Laveen Village Planning Commission, as well as a Motivational Speaker, International Women’s and Human Rights Activist. She has chosen to devote the last 20+ years of her life to the business of people both locally and abroad. Areas of engagement include but are not limited to non-profit organizations, NGOs, politics, community
development, fair and equitable treatment of people, and private business.

As a member of several international organizations, and as a result of working with several international governments, Her Highness has formed many partnerships and relationships over the past 20+ years that she still maintains today. Her network is global and spans many different areas of interest. She is currently the Founder and CEO of Black Wall Street Arizona, Inc, (BWSAZ) Owner of Black Wall Street District (BWSD) and Co-Founder of Diaspora Day Arizona, a Pan African Festival bringing people of African Descent together to share with the community at large the beauty of the vast African Culture which is spread out all over the world.

She holds a Masters Degree in Administration from Northern Arizona University, a Bachelors Degree in Justice Studies with a minor in Psychology, and Associates Degree in Business Administration. Additionally, she holds several national certifications. She has been honored for her civil service leadership with numerous awards including Global Business Woman of the Year (2020), District Leader of the Year (2015) by Black Wall Street USA, Women of Integrity Award (2016), Business Woman of the Year (2016) by All God’s Children’s Collectors Club, Community Leader (2018) by Archwood Exchange, and inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who (2019). Additionally, under her leadership BWSAZ was honored as a Leading organization in Community Education (2019).

She is sought out to speak at various events held by community organizations, businesses, and activist groups. She advocates for human rights, and is very passionate about encouraging others to do their part in advancing humanity. Dedicated to educating people on the importance of group economics, entrepreneurial-ship, history, a love for self, and the African Diaspora family.

Her achievements include:

Who’s Who of the World (Ghana 2021), Crowned Queen in Embo Kingdom by King Bhungane III  (2021), Global Business Woman of the Year (2020), inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who (2019), Community Leader by Archwood Exchange (2018), Businesswoman of the Year by All God’s Children’s Collectors Club (2016), Women of Integrity Award (2016), District Leader of the Year by Black Wall Street USA (2015).Additionally she holds Ambassadorships with:

Embo Kingdom

Fulbe Kingdom

Federation of International Gender and Human Rights

Global Peace Ambassador with Inspad GmbH

She is also the Grand Patron for the Winning Hands Empowerment and Rebrand Afrika Organizations, and the Women Reform Organization both in Nigeria.  She also sits on several advisory boards across the world.

She is certified in several fields to include Human Rights, Business, Etiquette and Protocol, and Human Trafficking.  

She is currently partnered with several global agencies to run a campaign to provide sanitary cups to girls in Ghana.

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