From Ghana Meet Dr Theo Tackie A young Entrepreneur, Entertainer (Disc Jockey), Author, Certified Business Consultant, And A Coach Who Uses Modern Change Management Theories and Life Experiences To Uplift And Motivate People – Featuring On Afsesnet Magazine Cover

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Dr. Theo Tackie

Theo is a young Entrepreneur, Entertainer (Disc Jockey), Author, Certified Business Consultant, and a Coach who uses modern change management theories and life experiences to uplift and motivate people to engineer and transform their lives to reach their fullest potential. The man who has the strategy to help people surpass new heights in academics and career are the few ways people have described Dr. Theo Tackie. 

Over the last 5 years, Theo has evolved from that average guy into one of the most successful management expert of his generation, and a sought-after speaker.

His creative vision, experience, and strong knowledge of behavioral science helped him author a self-development book and founded the HardCharger Club that is helping people maintain a growth mindset. His book ‘The Rhythms of life’ fills a neglected space not succinctly addressed by other self-development books. Realizing this need among people of all walks of life, Theo used his life experience as an example to address how to handle fear, setting goals and smashing them, coming out of the shadows, living healthy, to mention a few. The book lays the groundwork for people who engage it to start preparing to live their purposed life.

He grew up in several communities in Accra, Ghana. Some less known to produce an entrepreneur and academic scholars, but he adopted a transformational mind and associated himself with focused and influential people who helped spur the inspiration for his success and the HardCharger Club that would change the self-development world.

His first thought of writing a book came when he wanted a book that could speak to a ‘broken’

man on the street, that could help navigate through the storms, that could relate to the Hussle in the hood, that could address the fear of failure but could not find any at a reasonable price. There is a buzz about Theo’s book that cannot be ignored because of the evidence of his success.

Theo is in the business of mentoring and coaching students to attain higher academic heights. His exemplary life is a motivational factor. His understanding of the dynamics of this generation puts him a great place to make an impact. Life is a journey, and all the sharp turns and huge potholes are all part of the journey, but that purpose and fire will make one stay committed. Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it is done.” Nobody becomes great by accident. Success is active and not passive, so be hungry and stay hungry.

Dr. Theo Tackie is the founder of the HardCharger Hub; leading behavioral research, mentorship, and motivational hub which charges people to maintain a growth mindset and develop real-life strategies to improve and achieve their fullest potential in all areas of life. Theo calls himself a  ‘Change Engineer’ and an ‘Edutainer’. He is also a Disc Jockey by passion. A public speaker and a foremost authority in applying Change Management models to fix situations. Theo has successfully coached students to attain excellent academic heights and career improvement. Charging people to self-improve and aspire to higher heights is his forte.


You can’t buy a legacy. NEVER!

When a Lion gets hurt, it licks its wounds and keeps fighting!

Keep grinding, because you were born to do great things!

Get ready to chase greatness!

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