From Ghana Meet Grace Quarshie She Authored “I Kissed My Job Goodbye” She Went From Joblessness To Owning A Successful Business and Living a Fulfilled Life Now – Featuring On Afsesnet Magazine

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Grace Quarshie

Grace Quarshie is one of the most inspirational speakers and Author of I Kissed My Job Goodbye, How I Went From Joblessness To Owning A Successful Business and Living a Fulfilled Life.

She is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in helping people start their own businesses. She has trained over 2000 people to experience that through a network marketing platform and her coaching framework.

From a laid off employee, broke and struggling young woman Grace’s resilience and determination has inspired a lot of people worldwide not to give up on themselves after losing a job but to discover their uniqueness, overcome their fears and be who God has called them to be.

She is a well noted media personality who has featured on Prime Radio and Television Shows, Restoration, Business Arena, Business Breakfast News in her home country Ghana just to mention a few speaking on issues relating to starting an entrepreneurial journey and bouncing back from a job loss.

She is passionate about helping individuals experience growth and result in their business and lives.

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