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From Ghana Meet a Ghanaian Based In UK, A Private marriage Counselor And An Event Entrepreneur featuring on Afsesnet Magazine

Afsesnet Magazine Weekly Cover
Sandra Awo Delali

Sandra Delali is an Event Entrepreneur, She runs an event company called Rosepetal Events, a relationship strategist, coach, women empowerment and a motivational speaker.

Sandra is a J9 Domestic Abuse Awareness and Hate Crime Advocate/Ambassador. The founder of RealTalk Haven and the host of RealTalk with Sandra Delali. A virtual platform where people are taught how to build beautiful healthy relationships and marriages, by emphasising on values. She runs a Women’s empowerment organisation called “Women That Inspire” A community which connects with women of colour and influence to explore ideas, build amazing relationships, business and opportunities.

Sandra is passionate about helping people rediscover their identities, motivates them to build healthy relationships/marriages and let them be a better version of themselves, since she believes that it is vital to create visible role-models for people to look-up to, so they too might have the confidence to be themselves.

She holds a yearly conference called” Here Comes The Girls “. A place where strength is found and confidence is built in women to sustain good relationships.

A Toast To Love , a conference where singles and married learn that expectations are not bad, but choosing to make your expectations your reality without ever considering your reality becomes detrimental.

She enjoys traveling and driving.

Sandra is available for mentoring and advising, as well as private consultant.


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