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sHE Started Her Flight Career With Piedmont Airlines / US Airways, Endeavor / Delta As A Flight Attendant

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Dr Melissa

Dr. Melissa A. Dotson hails from New York City – Queens, New York is where she was born and raised. Melissa is an Author, Speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur and an ex-Flight Attendant. She is also the Founder of Heaven Flight. Heaven Flight’s Global Entrepreneurship Program is located in Accra, Ghana & satellite office New Jersey. Her work as a youth counselor started in 1998 for Hillside family of agencies in Rochester N.Y That career path journey is what influence her to be the best at what she does in crises interventions. She served 9 years and was given several pat on the back awards.  If it was not for “Hillside Family agencies” given her that chance to develop & learn in that field, she would not be who she is as a Sociologist today.

 Anything Is Possible To Achieve:

Started her flight career with Piedmont airlines / US airways as a flight Attendant. That was the start of Heaven She wrote and publish memoir during the ending of her flight year with them. Memoir A virtuous Women. She continue to use Heaven to assist entrepreneurs with help. Given away free help in counseling / music artist  management.

She was hired by Endeavor Air in 2016. Became the only singing flight attendant to sing a special song she created to up lift every child, youth on a flight. The song was an uplift to adults as well who just wanted to feel some happiness. Melissa Dotson was a 2018 Elite Customer Excellence  honoree with Endeavor Air / Delta Connection. Her name is on a CRJ 631 aircraft. She was selected out of 3000 flight Attendant’s.  

Elite Customer Excellence Award: She continues to teach a career development course for those in Ghana who want to be a flight attendant with international knowledge.

Melissa Dotson has earned a Equivalent Bachelor’s. &  Masters degree of Metaphysics Divinity studies. Doctorate – Sociology from November 05, 2020 to November 09, 2021. She has accomplish 3 degrees in 1 year on a fast track – Competency & research program.

She was 5 people chosen out of 100 applications, With 23 years of growth experience & credentials was added for credit.  She was the only one out of the 5 chosen who had all the experience & no college education. 1 year she finish that assignment.

Her dissertation was her own publish book “Virtuous women”. Her success in getting her dissertation completed she owes that to a English literature writer from kenya.

At – Oraclewriter01

She has learn over the years , never say you can’t achieve something  Just do it!

Her success was attribute too – two amazing women who mentor her- DR. Zine Richwell and Joanne Justis.  Joanne Justis is one of the best & leading accurate Chaldean Numerology of spiritual gifts.

Melissa graduated from    The College of Metaphysical Studies (TCOM)
2005 Eye Street Ste 6
Bakersfield, CA 93301
Phone: 1-661-439-1730

International speaker & a mentor to women all over africa at YAWC in Ghana Africa.

She is know at Young African Women of Congress in Ghana for being Direct and forward. She takes power back and breaks down glass ceilings.

Her advocacy rights for women in violence she has been advocate that takes it to the street mentality.

She is her own fearless body guard. She is a protector when women are in trouble. Her outreach in Accra and women in Prostitution/ sex trafficking she is out there night or day liberation for freedom.  A Human rights Advocate of justice. She challenges Brothel owners;  any violations of her clients rights with lock out’s for non payment of rent has consequences. Criminal activity we do not support but these women still have rights that need protecting.

Melissa believes no organization should just ask for donations solely to sustain themselves in any global economy. They need to be self-sustainable. Therefore, she created this platform after seeing many ministries that do not help people with skills outside of their church buildings, communities or organizations. With her programs, she will teach and train people how to become self-sustainable in any global economy by providing sustainable employment opportunities for people in need.

She is in the process of her first Development for Eco green Substable products called – Edifies You. She is in the Beginning of her stages for the proof of concept samples to be later in the year of 2022. Manufacturing of Accessories , travel bags from all fruit waste in Ghana. This unique concept has not been done yet as far as Ghana or the US. She had design a patent idea to support it.

Gifted with creative inventions and witty ideas Melissa has over the years developed Cad prototypes she is waiting to take those inventions to the market. An experience researcher & paid for hire work which she has used her skills to help others for patients / trademark , copyrights she knows what it takes.

The CEO – Prince Agyar of Excrow Records has hired me to work with him in management & my consulting work for his new music label in Ghana

Heaven Business consulting in all areas of artist Management. U.S / International Campaigns , distribution etc.

We look forward to bringing you the next wave of talent out of Ghana.

Melissa is committed to helping people change their lives one product at a time.

Her legacy in Africa was to always leave Heaven Flight in the hands of her 3 successful adult children. And 5 grand children.

Sharrese , Jamila, Peter.  My greatness accomplishments in life are them 


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