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MEET David A. Asaana, A Ghanaian Who Is a passionate Entrepreneur, a goal-getter and a great dreamer who is Determined To Help People Discover Their True Potential And Achieve Their Most Ambitious Business And Professional Goals Featuring On Afsesnet Magazine

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David M. Asaana is a digital marketer, author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and CEO of Global Institute of Entrepreneurship and Technology Limited, a company specializing in digital advertising, entrepreneurship training, business consulting, human capital development and personal development of individuals and organizations located in Accra, Ghana.

He is a passionate entrepreneur, a goal-getter and a great dreamer who is determined to help people discover their true potential and achieve their most ambitious business and professional goals. He has spoken to thousands of people on several conferences and seminars on the topics of entrepreneurship, internet marketing, technology, personal development and career guidance. He has also participated in several TV interviews and discussions about entrepreneurship, technology and Africa’s development with thousands of viewers from the US, UK and Africa.

He has researched and read widely in the areas of entrepreneurship, technology and the future, business, personal development, artificial intelligence, psychology, economics, digital marketing, spirituality and space science. He continues to learn and improve daily, reading an average of 1-2 books per week because of his unending pursuit of knowledge.

He mentors entrepreneurs who want to build great businesses and he believes anyone can achieve his/her biggest goals in life irrespective of his/her color, nationality and gender if they truly discover their purpose, passion and develop their talent to the highest level.


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